Were They Innocent Family Photographs or Child Pornography?

  "When does a 65 year old social worker, devoted grandmother and accomplished photographer become a child pornographer? Montclair (NJ) Police and the Essex County prosecutor said that Marian Rubin crossed the line between the legitimate and the lascivious when she snapped a roll of pictures that captured her two granddaughters, ages 3 and 8, without clothing..."  February 13, 2000: NY Times.  

"Do you know that you can be charged with child endangerment (a felony) for taking a naked picture of your own child?

"Naked Truths", is a small but powerful book that shocks us  with it's exposure of reality today. It is written by the "Montclair grandmother", charged with 6 felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child and faced with the possibility of 7 years in jail for each charge. This is the case that made international news headlines and was seen on TV's New Jersey Network (NJN), "20/20", Lifetime Now, and MSNBC.

"Naked Truths"  is more than the retelling of a tortuous legal, financial, and emotional odyssey. This book describes a modern day witch-hunt that has victimized a growing number of parents and photographers, innocent people caught in a trap meant to catch actual child pornographers and pedophiles. "Naked Truths" raises questions about crucial issues in our society today, including erosion of our civil rights, overzealous prosecutions, film processors as vigilantes for the state, child ěprotectiveî services and censorship.

Image ContentWas this case really about child pornography or was it about politics and winning?

"Naked Truths" is a must read for anyone who photographs children, anyone concerned with  parental rights, and anyone interested in integrity, in or outside of our criminal justice system. It is an essential reference work for anyone interested in the law or social activism.



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